What’s the #1 piece of advice you would give to a brand new startup and why?

The Deep ones

  • Methodically run experiments to test your assumptions.
  • Try and build solutions to meaningful problems.
  • Explore the problem/s to check that your prospective customers experience it/them with Recency, Frequency and Intensity, because if they do not naturally have a ‘compelling reason to act’ then manufacturing that need with clever marketing ploys may only get you so far…
  • Do an honest self assessment every 3 months and ask yourself “am
    I running a zombie startup? Or should I proceed?” by Allen Haroutonian

Get Ready

Marketing Focused

  1. Do whatever it takes to get your name out there @ Ben Mackie :
  2. Learn which form of marketing best suits your business. I once spent 1/4 of my income on marketing.. bad idea! @ Vanessa Tia-s

The Validation Problem

The Human Approach

  1. Don’t think you know it all. Be humble and soak up all you can from the people around you. @ Joel Hauer
  2. Stay close to your users. Listen carefully to their feedback and work to address their issues. As your team grows make sure you continue to stay connected with your users. @ Carolyn Mee

The more Australian ones

  1. Paul Korzhyk : Use sunscreen
  2. Anna MacDonald : Be careful who you put your trust in. And the sunscreen.

The Brutal Truth?

  1. Stop wasting time on social media looking for advice. Go outside/offline and help customers @ Ryan Cross
  2. Move out of Australia — it’s a waste of time. London, Amsterdam, Berlin, SF, New York, LA, Tokyo, Singapore — all better options for an early stage tech company (unless you’re in mining or agriculture ) @ Jacqueline Lauren

MVP Approach

The most Practical Answers

Educate Yourself

Learn What NOT to Do



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Gabriel Machuret


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