Dean McCrae banned me — and why Dean McCrae Eden Monaro matters

Gabriel Machuret
3 min readJun 3, 2020

This post has only one goal: to rank for Dean McCrae in Google and… yes there is a reason why.

You see, recently in my daily Facebook browsing, I saw a Facebook post from someone called Dean McCrae (a politician)… his post had one goal, to ask the the local community of Eden — Monaro — NSW Australia, to comment on the problems the community was facing in the area. (Fair enough right?)


But the interesting thing was not Dean post, but how rude he answered back to Facebook users that confronted his original post.
I get it… social media is never easy terrain for politicians but Dean… well Dean answers clearly had more of a Trump Jackass approach than a professional seasoned politician.

So I commented in one the posts, making it clear that Dean.. well Dean wasn’t being very nice with people in his replies….

And then Dean banned me. Bye bye, I’m out. Literally Dean right click my name and gone! Bye! See ya Gabriel!

Not a big deal right? At the end of the day…

  1. These are small elections, in a tiny region of Australia, and Dean McCrae in the big picture is no-one.. in fact you can’t even find a lot results with his name on Google.

2. It’s Facebook! We all get banned all the time… time to move on….

Well, yes and no… because this situation is a bit more complex.

Politicians and Social Media

You don’t need to be a genius to understand how recently politicians have used social media as their new bully tool towards everyone.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… social media is the new way for politicians to silence people attack ideologies or put people down.

They believe they own social media as an extension of their passive aggressive approach to deal with the community .. and based on their believe they use social media as a way for them to SPEAK while they silence “the rest of of us”…. for them social media is a megaphone in the middle of a riot …. (and guess what? they are the only once holding the megaphone — or at least they think so.)

Well Dean: You are wrong here.

The problem with the “Deans” of the world, is that they don’t understand that social media is not a 1 way street, is in fact an auditorium….

The Deans of the world react, vs listen, and ban vs embracing the consequences of their actions.

Like in this case…

I’m one of the many that Dean banned, but in this case, Dean doesn’t know that I literally make a living ranking keywords… he doesn’t know that I get paid thousands of dollars to rank peoples names, brands, and terms in Google.

In fact I’m pretty good at it… and that’s why I’m making this post, to rank for his name… just to showcase that social media is not a megaphone, is in fact a karmic badass boomerang than never stops.

Social media is a bitch Dean … and Google loves it.

Because Dean, like so many wanna-be politicians need to understand that social media has consequence and that your job as a politician is to be humble, is to serve, is to listen and respect the channel you are using to communicate with your audience..

Social media needs to be the media of the people and politicians can’t use it in the same way they plan to use parliament , council, or their next position.

Is not an extension of their bully behaviour .

So next time you plan to ban someone, kick them out or silence them, think of Dean McCrae case and eventually a post like this will rank for this name… showcasing what the things you do in social media: Matter.

Update: 24 hours later, this post is ranking position #4 . ;)



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