Day 2: Everyone is Lost — So sell More (a 90 day Challenge)

Gabriel Machuret
2 min readFeb 12, 2020


This blog post is part of a 90 day challenge, here are some of the previous posts :

There are no gurus left.

Everyone is a guru, everyone tells you they know the way and everyone can’t wait to show you the blueprint.

I have done it. I have trained people while I wonder… DOES THIS EVEN WORK

We are in an moment when things change fast and the faster it changes the faster we seem to work hard to make other believes we are an authority….

but what if the approach is different, what if the approach is the approach of being honest, and not having a fucking clue what you are doing and while you do so, enjoy the process.

Approaching companies you dream to work for, vs companies your are profiling.

Approaching companies that THERE IS NO WAY they will hire you and gamble by trying to pitch something random

Aim higher without caring if you don’t get anywhere because at the end, by exploring your limitations you will understand that those limitations are condition by your behaviours.

Someone told me: I will only challenge myself if the money is enough for me to do it…

And then I realised that this challenge has nothing to do about money, it is about re-engineering the way I do business, the way I look at marketing and the way “crushing it” can be replaced by “expanding” .

Overall this challenge is very different so far.

More effective. Less Panic. Feeling less pressure from “achieving it” and more interested in understanding if what we preach is what we should actually do in our business.

Want to to follow my challenge? I document my progress in an Google Drive Sheet and update it on my personal site
Here is the file, feel free to spy on my 90 day challenge



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