ASO it’s boring … and it’s a long term process

Quick wins are getting difficult

  • The competition is in: Your competitors probably have ASO in mind as well. 3 years ago, when we spoke with prospective clients, we always had to start the conversation with explaining what ASO is. These days, most people in the industry are knowledgeable about the basics of ASO, and most utilize ASO best practices to a certain degree. As your competitors take advantage of their opportunities, quick wins are harder to achieve.
  • The app stores’ algorithms are getting more complex: While the iTunes App Store is still very much a mess, there is no denying that both in Google Play and in the iTunes App Store, the search algorithms are getting smarter and allow fewer manipulations.
  • Increased monitoring of the platforms: Lately, we’ve been hearing of frequent instances of the App Stores hammering down on publishers for meta data violations. This leads publishers to take a more conservative approach, which is mostly less ASO-oriented. That being said, numerous publishers still capitalize on cheap black hat methods to rank well in
  • This increasing difficulty to gain quick wins should bring the honest ASO marketer to the realization that ASO is not a one-time thing. It takes time to make the most of your app pages.

Even if you’re satisfied with results, keep ASOing

  • The algorithms are changing: Both app stores’ algorithms change constantly. This means that the keywords that worked great a month ago, will not necessarily work great today.
  • The competition is changing: Your competitors are not static; they also try new marketing techniques, and get stronger or weaker with time. You should adapt yourself to your competitors’ strategies as they may pose a threat or present an opportunity for your app.
  • Users are changing: Different trends, seasons or external events affect your potential users, what they search for and how they react to it. By keeping the same app store listings for too long, you will not capitalize on opportunities introduced by these factors and your app page might appear outdated.
  • Your app is changing: Hopefully, your app is growing, getting more users and better reviews, and making a larger profit. This generally means that it can now rank higher for more competitive keywords. Your newfound strength should be reflected in your ASO strategy.

From a sprint to a marathon

It all starts with research

You will not get it 100% right the first time, nor the second or third time

Texts — iterate, iterate, iterate

Graphics — experiment, experiment, experiment

Track your progress

Keep other marketing efforts in mind

Set realistic expectations

Have an awesome (or at least a proper) product

Never give up (unless you have no money)



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Gabriel Machuret

Gabriel Machuret

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