App Store Optimization Tool Review : App Radar (Part 1)

Gabriel Machuret
2 min readApr 23, 2020

There is nothing cooler than reviewing an ASO tool when you haven’t “seen it for a while” is like visiting a country when you haven’t been there for a long time but you still remember your last holiday and you can’t wait to spending time exploring it again — like the first time.

I had the opportunity to play with App Radar recently and this is my first review — Part 1, when I go and explore the first features, the basic tools and the keyword research ones.

Here are the initial features I love of App Radar :

  1. Keyword suggestions on the spot: One of the most challenging processes when we do ASO is when we add an App to our ASO tool dashboard and we literally get no suggestions, no clues, no ideas of potential keywords to track. App Radar solves that problem , easily
  2. Easy Flow. Look, I’m not getting paid to write this review but the tool flows, it is easy to understand what do you need to do and you will not get lost between tabs and clicks. In Many ASO tools
  3. Great keyword suggestion system: The Finder tool was awesome (watch the video), it showcases how you can literally find smart keywords from different sources giving you a wide range of options to enrich your keyword research process
  4. The Data makes sense: Oh , this was a relief, there is nothing wrong that using a tool that gives you wacky data and crazy not related keywords when doing ASO. In App store optimization the secret is: DATA

In the next video (coming soon) I will be using ASO Radar to push their ASO features further and keep exploring how far I can take the tool to find new keyword opportunities and optimize my ideal ASO target app



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