Part 1 of Launching a new Biz idea without tears or dramas or emotional tantrums

This is how I funded a new tiny startup I’m launching on June.

1. Think of something you 100% kick ass in. (something you are a mini expert at)

2. Ask 10 to 20 people if you would like to “learn more about it” in a video format lesson that takes LESS than 1 hour

3. If they say yes, ask them if they would pay $20 for it

4. If they say yes… ask them to pay you NOW — you will be “send them the mini course — tutorial — guide — in a few days

5. Once…

This year has been an interesting one for me.

Bush Fires, pandemic, horrible failures in the stock market, huge emotional growth, fitness success, family deaths, raising kids.. and the quick realisation that I truly… truly hated my job.

A job that was created by me, a job that I literally designed it. A job that was my business.

Yep, I created the lifestyle that now I can’t wait to leave behind.

I think I came to that “aha moment”, during the Australian Bush fires.

I saw the red sky outside my window and I said to myself… imagine if I…

This post has only one goal: to rank for Dean McCrae in Google and… yes there is a reason why.

You see, recently in my daily Facebook browsing, I saw a Facebook post from someone called Dean McCrae (a politician)… his post had one goal, to ask the the local community of Eden — Monaro — NSW Australia, to comment on the problems the community was facing in the area. (Fair enough right?)


But the interesting thing was not Dean post, but how rude he answered back to Facebook users that confronted his original post.
I get it… social…

There is nothing cooler than reviewing an ASO tool when you haven’t “seen it for a while” is like visiting a country when you haven’t been there for a long time but you still remember your last holiday and you can’t wait to spending time exploring it again — like the first time.

I had the opportunity to play with App Radar recently and this is my first review — Part 1, when I go and explore the first features, the basic tools and the keyword research ones.

Here are the initial features I love of App Radar :

  1. Keyword…

After over 6 years of doing ASO, and after many years as the Enfant Terrible of ASO… I have decided to launch mini podcast shows about App Store Optimization #ASO

The goal with this mini shows is to make the shows easy to understand in less than 6 minutes…

Straight to the point and easy to follow…. and if you get addicted you can easily listen to 10 mini shows in 1 hour (perfect for this crazy Corona time)

So the first show …. has to have the real predictable title : what is App Store Optimization?

Easy question with…

This blog post is part of a 90 day challenge, here are some of the previous posts :

There are no gurus left.

Everyone is a guru, everyone tells you they know the way and everyone can’t wait to show you the blueprint.

I have done it. I have trained people while I wonder… DOES THIS EVEN WORK

We are in an moment when things change fast and the faster it changes the faster we seem to work hard to make other believes we are an authority….

but what if the approach…

I’m the guy that wrote a book about productivity, and I’m the same guy that helps companies to use social media to achieve better results in their business by using platforms like YouTube.


So if I’m aware of how YouTube works and how to avoid procrastination traps…. why is it that YouTube is literally taking over my life….


In the last month I decided to track how much time do I spend in YouTube vs doing useful stuff, and before I continue let me clarify that I do A LOT of productive tasks every day, in fact I’m…

(chapter 2— The Lazy Bastard Book . Click here the whole book)

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes, 31 seconds

Productivity books suck.

Even this one.

I have a confession to make: I have read every single productivity book out there, and yes, the title of this chapter is 100% right: they all suck.

Usually, productivity books are designed to give you some type of cool biohacks, mental strategies supported by science and then often introduce a bit of star power like Oprah and Tony Robbins and a sprinkle of magic hippy motivation dust.

You then take the book, apply it…

The 1-hour solution is a stolen strategy from Roger Seip, author of Train Your Brain For Success. Seip’s solution is called the 2-hour solution and the goal is to dedicate two hours each week to create the next week of your life mentally.

I love the idea, but I also know how lazy we are, so I have decided to reduce it by half and hack it in a way that is a bit easier for all of you Lazy Bastards out there.

Seip’s system is a little bit like an accountability meeting with yourself, where you can reconnect with…

(chapter 3— The Lazy Bastard Book . Click here to read the whole book)

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 25 seconds

Pretend for a minute you receive a letter (yes — not an email but a written letter, yeah… pretend it is 1995).

The letter is official. Like a government letter.

Serious stuff.

It has your name on it, a stamp, and the quality of the paper shows that this is not a standard type of notification, it’s a critical document… A proper letter of demand.

The order states that you, my beautiful lazy bastard reader, have been selected to…

Gabriel Machuret

SEO & ASO Consultant and Internet Marketing Expert — Founder of Startup founders

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