10 Critical App Development Sins every Appreneur needs to avoid

1. Appreneur need to document specs

Writing about how a website functions is probably the most boring thing on the planet an app entrepreneur could do. App entrepreneurs hate doing it but they love to dream about it! Whenever I come across a newbie app entrepreneur who does not have specifications well laid out I can almost guess what is going to happen to this newbie app entrepreneur. I can’t tell

2. Appreneur need to make wireframes

An app entrepreneur needs to breathe life into their ideas. App entrepreneurs need to remember that they are dealing with people with very different ideas and notions.

3. Not getting a top designer to save money

Remember, this is a business and app entrepreneurs need to have a brand and an application that is well laid out.

4. App entrepreneurs need to budget for issues

Yes. Shit happens… and you need to be ready when shit happens, specially money wise

5. Understand your limitations (you are not Captain America)

App entrepreneurs usually don’t read code so they really have no business managing the team alone. App entrepreneurs have no way have knowing code quality at the most critical stage of the project, the beginning. All applications need to be architected and newbie app entrepreneurs have no idea what that means. App entrepreneurs need a solid project manager who can manage good code design and ensure the application has been structured for the big picture.

7. Fixed price projects don’t save money(trust me)

I understand for most app entrepreneurs this is not intuitive. Intuition is the mother of all app entrepreneur mistakes. A fixed price project is a surefire way to reduce the quality of the code. It completely destroys any creativity on the part of the designer and developer and brings a total inflexibility to the project.

8. App repreneurs need to have meetings — even if you hate them

As much as it is important to make the app entrepreneurs designer or developer feel like they are part of the team, it is as equally important to make yourself part of their team. I always recommend daily kickoff meetings in the morning. Afternoon is fine too. App entrepreneurs really want to talk to them about what was done in the previous day and what they plan on addressing for today.

9. Apppreneurs need to have a marketing plan before they start development

An app entrepreneur without marketing is really just a website and a dream, it does not a business make. App entrepreneurs need to understand how they are going to communicate to the customer/user. This will allow app entrepreneurs to deploy this communication throughout the design and development of the app entrepreneur’s site. Later when app entrepreneurs are doing SEO you will be most happy that your SEO, brand and application are all sing in the same sweet tune as the curtain unveils.

10. App entrepreneurs need to hire the right people

It’s so important to take the time to hire the right people. Hire people that believe in the app entrepreneurs project. App entrepreneurs need to take the time to really get to know them before you hire them. App entrepreneur always hire the first person that offers the lowest price. 100% guaranteed to fail!



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Gabriel Machuret

Gabriel Machuret


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